Whole rhizome ginger in the right and back with sliced ginger in left in the middle the bowl is full of powdered ginger

Ginger names in other countries:

  • Poland – Imbir
  • Philippines – Luya/Luy-a
  • China – Jiang
  • Spain – Zenzero
  • India – Jengibre
  • Korea – Saenggang
  • Japan – Shokyo

What is Ginger?

  • Scientific Name: Zingiber officinale
  • Family Name: Zingiberaceae

Ginger is called as herbaceous perennial plant originated from the Southeast Asian part. it was first discovered and used by the Austronesian people. This plant became a popular spice and herbal medicine for thousand of years. It has historical event to Asian, Indian and Arabic herbal Tradition.

In China, this herbal spice is used to help the digestion problem, stomach problem and nausea for more than tousands years already, until now this herb is still important for the organic treatment to people who is suffering from this illnesses.

It is not only use for treatment but this can also be use in cooking and became so popular to all kitchen around the globe since it h

It can grows between 2-4 feet tall, stems sticks up about 1 ft, the green leaves are narrow and ribbed, it has flower that range from the color of white and red. This plant need more sun and water for the whole period, it takes

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