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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Musa paradisiaca Linn; Musa sapientum Linn.


List of Species:

Cavendish Banana

Gros Michel

Blue Java

Red Banana

Gold Finger Banana

 Nanjangud Banana

 Praying Hands

Macho Plantain

Pisang Raja

Cardava Banana

Names in other languages:

Banan- in Polish; Saging- in Philippines; Banán- in Czech; Muuska- Somali;  Banane- German; Muz- Türkiye 


Banana originated in Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Philippines, and New Guinea.  Soon,  traders and travelers brought  Banana to India, Africa, and Polynesia. And so on, Portuguese Sailors discovered the Bananas in West Africa and replanted the Bananas in Europe in early 15th Century. As of today, Banana is all over the globe and growing in different sides of the world which is in the country that has a tropical season. Did you know? India is the largest producer of Banana in the world, however Ecuador and Philippines rule the global market as of December 2022, as report said.  


Banana is often mistaken as a tree, but the truth is, it is a large herb, and the fruit is a berry, the trunk of the Banana known as “pseudostem” that is made from tightly layers of leaf-bases. It has a height up to 8 meters, but the average is in between 3 – 5 meters. The leaves are soft, slippery, oblong, and green in color. It has a flower that is called inflorescence. Fruit have a green color, once the peel turn yellow it is ripe. However, some varieties of Banana remain green color even its ripe “It is known as Evergreen” Since the peel will not turn yellow, but the Aroma of the Banana and Softness will change, indicating that it is ripe already. Other variety of Banana is colored red where is it exceedingly rare to see in supermarket and it is called “Morado” derived from the word of Spanish that means “Purple.” The most common Banana found in every supermarket worldwide is Cavendish. Growing Banana take sometimes from the first month of planting until 10-12 months of fruit harvesting. The Banana Herb can grow nicely in dried and loamy soil.  

Active Substances:

    • Vitamin A, B, C  

    • Potassium  

    • Iron and Protein 

    • Oxalic Acid 

    • Sulphate 

    • Starch and Fiber  

    • Tannins  

    • Glycosides 

    • Phenolic Compounds 

    • Magnesia 

    • carbon anhydride 

    • sulfuric anhydride 


High Antioxidants that fight free radicals, thus preventing microorganism throughout the body. Particularly, free radical can be a serious type of disease that can be resulted into Alzheimer, Dementia, or even Cancer.  Anti- Ulcer Activity, Anti- Microbial Activity, Anticonvulsant, and Anti-Bacterial.   

For use:

The Banana leaves have a natural “Astringent” and high “Antioxidants “properties that reduce inflammation and fever naturally, making a tea from banana leaves can soothe the fever. Consuming tea 1-3 (cup) a day is recommended to relieve the fever.  


Southeast Asian Countries, young sprout banana leaves are used mostly in spa as facial mask. The young sprout Banana leaves were used to blend. This can be applied in the face with a drop of honey, the allantoin and Antioxidants help prevent the early sign of aging (such as dark spots and Wrinkles), reduce acne and pimples, maintain the face skin smooth and firm.  


Banana, is first fruit that laid mostly in each table of household. The Banana helps a lot when it comes to diet. Due to high Fiber, 1 medium banana contains 3.1 grams of this nutrient that claimed and prevent relieved constipation.  

Saba Banana is also good ingredients for pork soup, it gave a natural sourness and sweetness to soup and pork meat that mostly Filipino Cuisine made. You should try this Saba Banana in your soup.  

Side effects:

Consumption of too much Banana is not good for health it can be resulting of excessive fiber that can cause digestive problem such as abdominal cramps, gas and bloating. Since Banana is High-Calorie Food, immoderate banana consuming a day can cause gained weight. The acid from eating too many bananas can eat away your tooth enamel, further damaging your dental health.  

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the posted recipes and banana products

banana bread


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