Ryż/ Spis roślin

Rice in Philippines and Benefits

Round shallow basket tray , top with different varieties of rice. White rice, Brown rice, Red rice, black rice and mix varietes of rice.

What are the rice in Philippines?

Philippines has more than 300 varieties of rice all over the country. Therefore, the public market consists of different varieties of rice. It differs in size, color, shape, taste, unique aroma and fragrance.

Philippines, known as agricultural country with large part of Filipinos living in rural areas, and measured around 4.81 million hectares of rice field cultivation. The Rice plant will grow over for 112 days until it is ready to harvest. In the Philippines, there is three categories level of Rice; (Un-milled Rice) called Palay, (Milled Rice) called Bigas, and (Cooked Rice) called Kanin.

Filipino depend their diet with Rice. Commonly consummed in Philippines is the White Rice since it is more affordable and convenient to purchase for their pocket . Since then, Rice is essential in each house Filipinos for consumption, nutrition, or labor.

During the occasion, Dinorado/Denorado is the rice that is usually served on the table, since it has high-quality grains when it’s cooked and it is the traditional Filipino’s favorite variety of rice.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Rice is always present. In Philippines, They have this statement that every Filipinos/Filipinas can relate „Rice is Life”. Some Filipinos even loves to pair their rice with spaghetti, moslty children does this. I know! Carb is carb. still, rice is life.

What is Rice?


Family: Poaceae

Rice Family: Maize, wheat, barley and millet.

Rice names in other languages :

Filipino – Bigas; Polish – Ryż; German – Reis; Indonesian – Beras; India – Chaaval; Czech Republic – rýže; Spain – Arroz


Active Substances:

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Manganese
  • Niacin
  • Thiamin
  • Magnesium
  • Inositol
  • Selenium


Rice is rich source of carbohydrates, the human body needs. Carbohydrates can keep the body energized and satisfied, and are important for fueling exercise.

For use:

People who suffers from stomach ailments, then rice can be the best healthy alternative to go for. It is light and easy to digest , the presence of fibers make it great thing to go for. In fact, the fiber content in rice is to help reduce constipation and other stomach related conditions.

Rice for Skincare:

Water that have been soaked to a rice contains with Amino Acids, Vitamin B and E, mineral and antioxidants that will gives natural healthy, smooth and supple skin. Therefore, it is use widely in asia as Face Wash, Face Moisturizer, Face Scrub and a face Toner.

Rice in Kitchen:

Rice is versatile in the kitchen, most especially in the Filipino Kitchen. It can be added to the main course or it can be made as a dessert. Rice bran, Rice straw, Rice vinegar, Rice coffee and other more.

Side Effects of excessive consuming of Rice :

Brown rice is more healthier than White Rice. As, White rice have higher Glycemic Index Score, that means White rice carbs is converted to blood sugar more quickly than brown rice carbs. As a result, to risk factor of having High blood pressure, high fasting blood sugar, a big waistline and serious problem such as heath disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Rice recipe:

We recommend recipes with rice that will work well during lunch or in combination with a meat delicacy on the table.
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